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Just a Little Bit Broken


This week has been really hard for me. Carrie Fisher was one of my idols when growing up. She showed that there were badass roles for women and that you don’t have to be like others. You can be strong and independent. She made mistakes but always turned them into victory.

When I got diagnosed with depressed I started to notice how little people actually talked about mental disorders. It’s Carries strength and honesty that I adored the most. After all she had be through she IS one of the greatest role models a girl could wish for.

She was the Princess who fought in space and on this planet. You will be missed Ms. Fisher.


It’s not always easy to walk the path
some of us struggle more than others
it’s not normal some would say
but what is normal anyway?

but when there is someone ahead of you
the following gets easier
when you don’t know where you’re headed
there is invincible and loud guiding light
something you can’t see but you can feel

it’s the journey that they have walked before you
and the decision to follow them
regardless of what other may say
make the difference in this world today

It’s important not to waste these achievements
No matter how many demons you have
don’t hide it or be shame of it
you are not abnormal
you are just a little bit broken

and that is just normal


Who is your hero and how they have helped you? 


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