Remember when you were a kid and thought that you would have your life all figured out by the time you are 30. Well I still have few years left to try to achieve that.

I have enjoyed writing more or less in the couple of years. I’m not a good writer so that is the reason I haven’t really done that. I have written few poems every now and then but that’s pretty much all. Now it’s my time to shine. I WILL make this work. I will NOT quit this time. Damn you brain, do not ruin this from me.

Few things to mention about me:
I like good television.
I don’t read enough.
I have self diagnosed dyslexia.
I sometimes get too attached to things. Like arguing about politics.
I hate people who think it’s alright to be mean just because they have freedom of speech.
I enjoy good food.
I can’t really tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine.
I don’t believe global warming is a hoax.
I wish it was.
I love Star Wars and Doctor Who.
This is my way to expand my English.
My brain is a bit broken.

Thank you

– Jenna